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PerfectMoney Bitcoin
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RULES AND CONDITIONS 1. General conditions 1.2. Passing the registration procedure on the official website of the Currency Global platform "www.currency-global.com", and exactly the same as the subsequent cooperation, including investment, is only a decision taken by the platform participant voluntarily, without external influence, coercion or threats . 2. Rights and obligations of the parties 2.3.2. Refuse the Participant in the provision of services and block the account in the event that the Participant attempts to damage the platform in one way or another (slander, discredit, blackmail, attempts to hack the website, spam, etc.). In this case, Currency Global may begin the procedure for refunding the deposit or confiscate the invested funds to cover the losses incurred. 3. Accruals on deposits 3.4. The accruals on the deposit are not limited to the validity period, not counting the circumstances of the force majeure, namely (earthquakes, floods, etc.), the circumstances of public life (military actions, emergency situations, major strikes, epidemics, etc.), prohibitive measures state bodies (currency restrictions, international sanctions of prohibition, etc.). During this time, the parties have no mutual claims, and each party assumes its own risk of the consequences of force majeure. 4. Mutual settlements 4.5. Payments are made to the details specified by the participant in the personal account section "My Wallets". Currency Global is not responsible for incorrectly specified details and payments made for incorrectly specified details. 5. Affiliate Program 6. Copyright 7. Responsibility For the non-compliance and / or non-compliance of the Participant of these Rules, or ignoring the warnings from the administration, Currency Global may, without further negotiations and discussions with the interested party, partially restrict access, temporarily block or permanently delete the account of such Participant. Funds in the form of a basic deposit, interest accruals on it, referral and bonus rewards, as well as other funds that could be on the balance of the account at the time of establishing the fact of non-compliance with the Rules, are not refundable. 8. Final Provisions 8.2. The Parties acknowledge that these Rules are a Cooperation Agreement, which is confirmed by the fact of passing the registration procedure and signed by the participant with the help of an electronic signature, for which a confirmatory action on consent and familiarization in the registration form is accepted. 8.4. All disputes and disagreements arising between the parties in the process of business interaction under this agreement are resolved through negotiations. In case of impossibility of their elimination, the parties have the right to apply for judicial protection of their interests. it will be necessary to restore access to your account. Each participant for his part is also obliged to take all necessary security measures for his personal account, namely: - do not transfer your login, password, pin code and other personal data to third parties; - Your password must not be the same as your login on the site and a pin code; - use complex passwords (numbers, letters); - do not follow links in letters from questionable addressees; - Use anti-virus software.

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